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Ice's Story

MUSH was started because of Ice - not the cold kind, but a warm and sweet boy with some socialization and medical issues. Here is his story.

Ice first days.JPG
Ice 9a.jpg

Ice inspired us to start MUSH when he became one of the founder’s foster dog. Ice had a rough start in life. He was taken from his mom at 6 weeks and lived with a family that kept him tied to a tree 24/7. He was under socialized and very anxious. Other dogs did not understand him and either attacked or shied away from him. He was finally dropped at a pound and his time was up. Luckily at the eleventh hour, he found his way to a wonderful foster home. Soon, though, his foster parents observed some bizarre behavior. Many times a day, his eyes would glaze over and then it looked like his front end and back end got into a fight. Finally he would bite himself and the “episode” ended.

His foster parents took him to see Dr. Nichols Dodman, a behaviorist at Tufts Veterinary School. Ice was diagnosed with Floating Limb Syndrome, a form of obsessive compulsive behavior. Dr. Dodman prescribed medication, training, diet and exercise. Ice took so well to his new regimen that he was asked to be the star of a Today Show segment on obsessive compulsive disorders in dogs. That segment was seen by a couple in Pennsylvania, who fell in love with him. Soon Ice was in the car for the long ride from Boston to Bucks County, PA to meet his new parents and his forever home. Ice thrives on the love, care and structure his new home provides.

As a result of Ice’s journey, MUSH was born to help the northern breed dogs who need medical care, get that care. We find foster homes that care for the dog during treatment and provide socialization to help each special needs rescue learn to thrive in a new loving home. We also support all dog owners with practical advice for living happily ever after with their pets. We help create great second acts for very deserving dogs, just like Ice.

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