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Training is mostly about teaching your Husky to do things by repetition and positive reinforcement. Obedience Training is strongly recemmended as a way of promoting bonding between owner and Husky and helping to ensure your husky's safety.

Every new dog should take his master to obedience school. Obedience school is the place where any and all family members who will interact with your Husky should learn how to control him. It is the place where humans and dogs learn to communicate, thereby helping to build a bond between them.

Training is not just for show. It is also a matter of safety. Whether your Husky drops what he has in his mouth or whether he comes when he's called can sometimes be a matter of life or death. Try as you might to avoid dangerous situations, sometimes they just happen and your only recourse is the verbal command. "Sit," "stay," "heel," and "front" are only the beginnings of a lifelong process that produces in a happy dog, a proud owner, and a strong bond between the two.

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