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By nature, Huskies are high-energy dogs, and it takes the influence of a calm-assertive leader to produce a calm-receptive follower. Ongoing exposure to pack members, outsiders, and new situations are needed to balance a Husky's disposition.

Disposition can be a product of several factors, but the two things that a new owner can control are his own leadership qualities (see the previous page) and socialization. This means getting a Husky comfortable in a wide range of situations with a wide range of people and other animals. Socialization can only happen through repeated exposure to animals, people, and situations - to the point that your Husky accepts them as part of his everyday routine. Note that simply avoiding situations that cause anxious behavior may be a short term fix, but in the long run does nothing to lessen your dog's anxiety.

As with humans, socializing is an ongoing process. There are always new things to see and learn. After a while your Husky will gain confidence in himself and his leader, and he will learn that there is nothing to fear from things that are new and different. 

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