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Who is the leader? Huskies are pack animals, always have been, always will be. In the wild the leader of the pack is another dog known as the alpha. In the home, the leader must be a human. Without a strong human leader, a Husky will become confused about his role in the family. And a confused dog means trouble.

It's impossible to overstate the importance of leadership. Different experts each take a slightly different approach to what makes the most effective pack leader.

Cesar Millan's approach seems to work well in many cases. First, Cesar says, dogs need Exercise, and this is doubly true for young, high-energy pups under three years old. Three 30-minute walks a day will benefit both you and your Husky. Discipline is next in Cesar's methodology. This means firmly establishing yourself as the pack leader by setting rules, boundaries, and limitations. Discipline means that your Husky recognizes that you are in control, not by intimidating, but by consistently behaving in a firm but gentle way. Once your pup recognizes your strength, he will accept you as his leader. 

According to Cesar, affection is the last part of his recipe, but only after the first two - Exercise and Discipline - have been carefully established and your dog is in a calm-submissive state. Dr. Patricia McConnell, however, practices a more benevolent kind of leadership in which petting is distinct from affection. Petting is used to reinforce positive behavior; affection is given more freely, but not in any way that could be interpreted by your Husky as reinforcing negative behavior. This article on Leadership will be helpful.

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