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the breed.

Before even thinking about adopting a Siberian, you need to research and understand the breed. Huskies were bred over hundreds of years to pull sleds across the frozen tundra. Does this sound like a calm, placid fireside dog? Will he always come when called, play fetch, and swim in your pool? Will he be obedient and walk at your side without a leash? Although there are exceptions, the answer to most of these questions is "No" for Siberian Huskies, so it is important to understand the breed and to be realistic in your expectations.

Because they were bred to run with a single-minded purpose, they have boundless energy and need to be exercised, or they will run away - far away - and they can be stubbornly difficult to train. But they're incredibly handsome dogs. They're clean, they're gentle, and they're, oh, so sweet. Siberian Huskies typically weigh about 60 pounds. Their eyes may be amber, blue or brown or any combination thereof.

Malamutes look like large Siberian Huskies, but typically weigh in at 100 pounds or more. Their dispositions are often more mellow. Alaskan Huskies are not an official breed. Instead, they are a combination of Siberian Husky and whatever else the breeder feels will improve strength, speed, and/or stamina. Wolves are generally the size of Malamutes. Their eyes are mostly brown or yellow.

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