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MUSH (the Massachusetts Union of Siberian Huskies) is dedicated to promoting understanding of the unique requirements of the Siberian Husky breed and supporting husky-owned families. We:

  • provide free public access to information pertinent to the breed

  • facilitate finding the right family for homeless huskies and finding the right dog for husky-less homes

  • recommend professional services by providers that are knowledgeable about the breed and are especially sympathetic to their needs

  • participate in forums and events for the exchange of ideas, information and anecdotes among Siberian Husky owners

  • foster, provide medical care for and re-home selected surrendered huskies with serious medical needs

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 help us.

scroll down through the photos of MUSH pups (we've assisted over 80 dogs!) to learn how you can help.

foster or adopt a husky

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Cinnamon is recovering from Juvenile Auto Immune Disease. She will need steroids for a little while and someone patient with puppy training as her medication has slowed down this process. Please spread the word and reach out if you can help. Email

donate or shop

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